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Aspen Modifications and Upgrades

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After camping at NASR 11 this past week I have identified some "modifications" and/or projects that need to be accomplished.


First, the adjustable painter poles that I use in the two front corners just don't have the adjustable height I would like to have. I have to use then all the way out and it makes the pole easy to pop out. So, I decided that I needed to add an additional 12 inches to each pole so that I could have plenty of adjustment to different situations. After cutting off the yellow plastic end pieces from the painter poles I then epoxied a conduit coupler to the handle ends and then glued in some pvc (see pics) to get the desired height adjustment I wanted (added about 12 inches). This allows me to easily get whatever height I need while still not fully extending the painter poles.

P.S. The bottom corner pieces also allow them to be installed into the pvc floor frame should I want to use it (I really don't think it's needed as long as you stake down the corners and use the upright corner poles in the front).




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2nd item on my to do list was to make a couple of tools to use for jacking up the corner jacks to level the camper (one for me and one for pwhoever). I took a 36" 7/16 steel rod and cut it in half (18"). I then drilled a hole in the center of a piece of round dowel and epoxied the rod into it. Nothing fancy but functional. I'll probably sand the handles down a bit and apply some polyurethane. 



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Handles sanded lightly, drilled a hole for a piece of rawhide, applied some stain followed by a couple of coats of polyurethane. I also beveled the steel end just a bit so that it goes into the holes better! Attached the rawhide straps and they are ready to go! One for me and on foe pwhoever the next time we meet up (Illinois M&G most likely)!





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