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Aspen Classic leveling stands

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Hey, I even copied your bumper............

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http://www.trailmasterinc.com/pdf/setup.pdf .........step one......lower front stands!!!!


why is everyone trying to put the rear stands down first????????


I have a "Stock Setup" ( as in tires & stands). If I put the fronts down first, I have a less then ZERO chance of getting the rears down.  I normally have a piece of 1" plywood that I place under the tires to help get the frame a little higher.  But even with that, I still need to drop the tongue to the ground, drop the rear stands, then drop the front stands.  At the IL M&G last year, Brady did say that I have the "Long  Stands", But did not give me an alternative fix.

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MT,you might as well go ahead and cut 4 or 5 inches off those front stands.By the time you throw in a couple 25ft log chains,4 or 5 gallon cans of Bush's Beans,your Snap-On top box,and your Hover Scooter on top....You gonna need 17" wheels.Some of those spinner hub caps would look purdy cool too. :SmileyTooth:


Good job buddy!



As y'all know,I bought the Aspen Brady had on display at our meet.I haven't measured the stands YET but i really haven't had any problems putting them down.They are close sometimes,but usually swing into place so they must be cut down for a DISPLAY,maybe? I don't know.

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Last year at the Illinois M&G we measured my stands against that unit you bought buck and my stands were at least an inch longer. Now mine is an older model and they no longer put this stands on the new trailers The new jack stands they are using are the absolute shortest stands that you can buy on the market today, there is nothing smaller/shorter available


I might add that Brady has offered a couple of times to replace mine but I don't think he owes that to me as I'm not the original owner of this camper, but it was a nice gesture

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