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Fixed my long stabilizer problem!

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Since I got my Aspen Classic, I have had a really hard time getting the stabilizers down.  I would literally have to drop the tongue to the ground, lower the rears, and sometimes I would have to lift up on the back of the trailer to et them down.  Then lift up on the tongue stabilzer till I could get the fronts down.  It was never a one man job.


Last year when we were in Illinois with Mr Mann from TrailMaster, he measured mine and then compared that to his new trailer and sure enough, my stabilizers were about an inch longer.  When I see Larry's new trailer, it came with 13" tires, Mine "had" 12" tires on it........


Not any more!!!!  I got a set of 175/80-13's for it and it raises it up nicely!!!!  Probably to far but I got a good price on these so I figured I'd start here. Will see how they ride and how they make the set, but I suspect I will get a good set of 165/60r13's for it.  I sat on the edge of the camper and it didn't go down to far, no were near enough to have the tire rub on the wheel well.  I'm mainly concerned that when I set the bed up, the trailer will be to high for the drop legs to make up the hight difference.  A couple of boards will take care of that if it's the case.


Now I have to take them back off and install my metal valve stems for he TPMS that screw onto the caps.





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Looks pretty good there John. Make sure your tires still clear the fenders when the suspension rises.

Are going with the "T" type valve stems?



I'm making some changes to my Mini-Mate. I'm putting a frame under it to carry a tongue box. Also larger tires that will require raising the camper almost 3".

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I tried the suspension by siting on the side of the camper and jumping on it, it goes down a little bit, but doesn't ever bottom out, I would guess I still have and inch and half clearance with my weight jumping on it.  Thats with the 75 profile tire.  If these don't bottom out at all, I wont worry about it, but if they ever need replacing, I will go with a 60 to 65 profile tire.  Of course thats assuming the bed will still fold out flat.  With the taller tire, I could be sleeping on my head all the time.......  A couple boards would take care of that, buts it's one more thing to carry and do that I don't want to. 


I was looking at the tongue on mine today.  It would appear to already be longer and I see additional weld marks, so it could have been extended a few inches already.  It measures 54" from ball to tub of the camper.  I was thinking if I ran across a 60" piece of 2x2 metal thick enough, I would extend it a little more.  It handles great now, so no hurry for a change right now.  Pondering internal power, lights and a few other external lights without adding a ton of weight.

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