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Two rides we'll always remember

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In early September, '02, with just a couple of month's familiarization with new outfit, Elly/Yours truly decided to participate

in local, Annual Toys For Tots Run in greater Manchester, NH area. Weather was beautiful, sunny & warm. Our Calvacade

route was lined with TON of folks & kids, cheering us on as we passed.

With a new toy along in sidecar, we entered LONG stream of cycles, traveling the 25+ miles, from Concord to Manchester

drop-off point. Big Wing performed flawlessly; was easily able to maintain the fast pace. Group's road guards had police

permission to block off all side streets, as we passed, thus preventing cagers from entering the line [ like when %$#%

cagers will insert themselves into Funeral Processions! ].

When we finally arrived at the large paved toy collection yard, where two 40' trailers were being loaded with toys [ first being

almost full already ], it dawned on me, just how enjoyable this run had been and how Great this new rig of ours was! 

Sometimes, things work out much better than expected! 


In July of '03, Elly/yours truly decided to attend The Northeast Three Wheelers Club Annual Summer Campout, located that

year, at a small campground in VT, just south of the Crown Point bridge to NY, along Lake Champlain. There was a spiffy 50s

diner up the road a half mile. When someone mentioned food, everyone quickly migrated to the place. A dozen or so sidecar

rigs inundated their small parking lot! Our meal was tasty, with plenty of menu choices and Great view of lake through diner's

big picture windows, thrown in free.

We got a good night's sleep that p.m., as the trip there kind of knocked us out [ we not yet being accustomed to long distance

motorcycle camping on a regular basis ]. Next day, some small ride groups went off in various directions to sight-see the area.

Late afternoon came. Our road captain, Dale, mentioned a really good steak house on New York side. Several of us went over

there for a fine meal, enjoying a bit of NY lakeside scenery on the way. Since this was our first long distance group s/c campout,

t'was a learning curve, as it taught us what gear to bring/what to leave home next time, when packing rig for travel.

........Old Tom in NH   :)

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first camping trips are a learning curve but great memories

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