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A close call or HE Watches Over Us!

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Went to Springfield, MA with Elly [ my old home town , where was born/raised, until

entering the military ] for long weekend in about 2006, to visit relatives. While there,

I remembered a close childhood friend, George, who lived nearby....thought a visit

would be nice. Wended our way to East Longmeadow, a small town just south of us

and a few miles north of CT state line.

When arriving, we were shocked to see his home. T'was totally barren of everything!

George's wife Dot, had recently become very ill. He made the decision to move into

assisted living, so she would have constant care. His house had been sold....he was

on last cleanup. Our appearance was prophetic....we arrived just minutes before he

was about to lock up, leave, never return.

We chatted awhile, then it was time to depart. George loaded a pair of HUGE Sansui

vintage stereo speakers into our sidecar passenger compartment. He insisted we take

then, rather than disposal in dumpster. We were very grateful [ they sounded just

fine when hooked up at home ]. After our goodbyes, we left just before George. Then,

a HUGE STORM hit us, with high wind, driving rain! A very large tree blew over, right

behind us, just seconds after we passed that very spot! [ Who says there is no GOD! ].

The road we had intended to take, was now flooded 4' deep at a railroad underpass

AND we were soaked. The motel we quickly decided to stay at was booked solid, so

we headed for New Hampshire & home, 140 miles northeast. The sun came out, dried

us off pretty well, so our trip became much more pleasant. A bite to eat also helped.

It sure was Great to finally pull into our driveway, well after dark. And our nice, soft

bed felt even Better!           .....Old papasmurf


P.S.  When deluge started, concentrated only on the road ahead. Did NOT see/hear

tree fall behind us. Water had risen to about 9" deep, from hard rain & plugged storm

drains....had to concentrate to keep rig from hydro-planning. Found out later, why Elly

was hugging me so tight, LOL! She was finally able to tell me what happened, when

weather cleared, sun was out again.

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momma said there would be days like that  :roflmao:  really he does watch over us

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