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Sidecar trip happenings

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One trip we took, to a N E three Wheelers Club annual campout [ which moved around

a bit, geographically ] a few years back, was sort of memorable. We set up our tent,

pumped up the air mattress....settled down to good night's sleep in our double-wide

sleeping bag. THEN, air mattress deflated slowly, until we were on hard ground. OK....

pumped mattress up much longer [ with a %#&$ worthless hand pump ]. Mattress felt

better, so we tried for some shut-eye again. Just minutes later was, literally, terrified

awake by the most ungodly shriek....actually thought it was a velociraptor from

Jurassic Park, coming to get us! After my wife convinced me it was a screech owl, was

finally able to get a little sleep but lousy mattress started to go flat again as dawn was

breaking and $% owl was evidently conversing with female he was trying to hit on

and she was replying from far off, so we departed campground very early for a good

breakfast at local diner; half asleep, LOL!


Next memorable trip was just a week-end ride, a couple of summers later. We'd already

started heading home, when yours truly noticed running animal, just within my peripheral

vision to the right. Thought it was large dog, pacing our sidecar just for some exercise.

Elly yelled that it was a small deer! Second deer of same size, was running alongside it

but I did not see it at that time. THEN, pacing deer veered to it's left and bumped into the

sidecar! Carefully came to full stop, completely off the road....noticed second deer now, as

the pair headed into woods, just a few yards away. Dismounted and inspected sidecar.

Deer had done no damage BUT had left a good-size clump of it's hair, caught under the  

trim on sidecar body, over wheel well!


Like the lyrics of a Dean Martin hit song says:   " Memories are Made of This " .....papa

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Tom, it's great of you to share your memories with us.

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