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'Kodak' Moments

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Parking along seashore, watching a beautiful sunset together, from our trusty Wing rig saddle -


Enjoying that hot meatball grinder, cold iced tea, some grapes for dessert, [ which Elly packed

for us with love ] in handy roadside rest area we found while on a Fall afternoon ride -


Losing that Great digital camera shot on a ride, because the wife's %#$@ camera battery went

dead..... [ Murphy's Law Again...He haunts me constantly 'cause am half Irish, LOL! ]


Waving at a group of solo cycle riders, who gave us a big thumbs-up when we passed by them,

 going in opposite direction -


Seeing our little grandson, who'd fallen asleep in his car seat, snugly belted in our sidecar, while

we were on one of our many trips with him along, when he was about 3 years old -


Making it home safely from long trip, parking rig &, next day, finding old, rusty, 3 1/2" long paring

knife blade, stuck in our flat, rear Avon Venom center tread.....a NEW tire, w/only 500 miles on it!

[ now, garden flower planter for my wife's geraniums ] -


Picking up my undamaged Ray Ban prescription sunglasses, lying on dotted white line on 4 lane

road, after they'd blown off my face [ way back, when still in USAF & riding solo BMW R-69 ] -


Just entering our front door, after Great, 300+ mile round-trip, visiting relatives in ME, as a heavy

rainstorm broke and we didn't get a bit wet -


AND, THANKING OUR MAKER for Watching Over us, when cager in Ford Taurus wagon, ran stop

sign at bottom of hill to our right and missed rear of sidecar by about 6" !


.....Old papasmurf in NH

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Tom if you have pictures that you want to post above, you can email them to me, and I'll get them in there for you. 


You can find my email address in my profile.

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