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More sidecar, some solo riding memories

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When entering the world of riding with The Third Wheel back in 1968, had pretty good idea

there'd be long learning curve. One of the items I hadn't thought too much about, was fact that

I now had a huge chunk of metal with wheel on it, sticking out on right side of my BMW!

Had to constantly remind myself it was there, until I'd fully accepted it....became second nature

to allow for it at all times, when in motion. Have to admit that I goofed twice. During first summer

of driving, pulled into gas station for some fuel a bit too fast, with pump island to my right....

promptly ran into island berm with s/c wheel....EGG ON FACE!  Then. a few weeks later, did 

repeat performance, when attempting to parallel park between two cars. Rolled in backward OK

but was too close to curb...scuffed s/c tire again, pulling forward. This caused me to become

obsessive about right side clearance when parking...did OK after that.

THIS is the reason why many sidecar owners mount ideally located rear view mirror on right,

lower front of their cars, aimed so their sidecar wheel is in view...guessing about obstruction

clearance is eliminated!


Of course, yours truly had to learn the scary way about sidecars requiring weight in them, to

perform safely. Two or three times that first riding season, Hollandia sidecar wheel lifted on me

unexpectedly in right hand turns [ all fortunately done slowly ] so definitely learned importance of

an 80# bag of mortar mix on my sidecar seat! Then, it was possible to take those right-handers 

at reasonable speed ] w/o jangled nerves!


BUGS!  During our return trip home, travelling south, after dark on !-89 in NH [ after having a

Great meal with my wife at the famous Louie Lui's Italian Restaurant in Lebanon, NH ] we entered

huge swarm of, what looked like large crane flies! There were, literally, millions....swarm lasted for

at least 1/2 mile...our Wing, sidecar, my windshield, helmet/visor, gloves, coat sleeves, were all

covered with the little, sticky buggers! When swarm finally petered out, t'was still a pain to ride at all

comfortably, with their splattered aftermath coating everything, partially blocking vision. Next a.m., 

goes without saying, entire rig and helmet/visor were cleaned thoroughly. 


When 16 and had just been bitten by the 'motorcycling bug', had my cycle license, got chance to test

drive a brand new, now VERY RARE British Ariel Huntmaster 600 cc single motorcycle, at large, local

cycle show. Was driving north, away from show area @ about 50 mph,, when spotted huge bumblebee

to my left, flying my way. My thoughts were: "It's going to hit me....it's going to miss me....it's going to HIT

ME'! Hit me in left cheek....felt like a BRICK! Didn't sting [ Thank The Lord! ]. After pulling over, letting pain

subside, returned Ariel to dealer reps....went home by car. The Memory still vivid after 61+ years!  


DOG:  Gave a dog a ride in my first rig; the BMW/ Hollandia sidecar outfit. Was friend's pet. He also had

same rig as me. Wanted to see how a dog would fare, if I got one for myself. In the large Weimariner, Fritz,

went obediently, at his master's command. Was on dirt road, with two low ruts, heavy grass center patch.

Every bump I hit, poor Fritz was jostled. Then, when I'd gone far enough, t'was time to turn around, did quick

180 left turn. Fritz had disappeared....the poor canine had fallen into nose of my sidecar!  Had to stop to allow

him to regain his seat position. Am SO GLAD dog's cannot TALK! When delivered him back to his master,

patted his head gently, all the time with a sense of guilt!


.....papasmurf in NH   :)

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your lucky the dog wasn't vindictive  

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great to hear/read your post papasmurf .

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