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On Used sidecars

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If you're about to get one or already did, have already touched on wheel bearings in Sidecar install 101: Part 1.


Mounts, hopefully, will match your tug & sidecar to make install easier. If no mounts came with car [ Example:

You own Wing...s/c came off H-D... mounts won't fit, work for you. You must purchase them from reputable s/c

dealer/installer, who will know what you need.

Check condition of a used car really well [ paint, body condition, windshield, top ( if any ), seat, carpeting, lights,

wiring, tire, rim, mounts, missing/damaged items, bolts & nuts, etc ]. If you find enough problems, seller may

lower their asking price.

Fix EVERYTHING which deals with safety, passenger comfort...do any aesthetic items later.

My 13 + year-old Friendship III has:

Cracked smoked plastic lower side panel [ local plastic dealer will cut a repair panel for me ]. 

Plan to replace some of my rusty Grade 8 mount bolts/self-locking nuts.

A few body dings, requiring paint touch-up [ already have paint pens in Honda colors ].

Need to finish interior wiring on two additional lights I have [ and plenty of color-coded wire ].

4" crack in floor panel in s/c truck. [ will repair w/ fiber glass mat, polyester resin/catalyst repair kit ]. 

Will do general check of entire car, fix all boo-boos, when warm weather returns.

                                                                                                         'nuff said.....papasmurf   :)

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