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Few more memories

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A few years ago, when our sidecar club still had it's annual, 3 day summer outing in Bernardston, MA, at local campground there, some

of us opted to go for short ride [ 3 or 4 miles ] to a local ice cream stand, in early afternoon. About 8 of us fired up our rigs, followed road

captain to the place. We pulled in, parked together in back, lower parking lot, walked up and got our ice cream, then sat at some picnic

tables near road. In no time, a flock of kids of all ages had gathered down at the rigs, checking them out. Sidecar rigs are magnets to

the young! Some adults were also with the children, so a few of us moseyed down to answer the usual barrage of questions. There's

so much ignorance/ lack of information about sidecars out there, it's nice to have an opportunity like this one, to give correct facts to

the public. Motorcyclists are intimidating to many cagers [ all people NOT driving a motorcycle, LOL ]. We always tried to act as

Ambassadors of riding w/ The Third Wheel, pointing out the fun, freedom of the open road, the fact that we can carry a LOT more gear

with us than solo riders, camping adventures, enjoying God's scenery and taking lots of pictures, the many places we stop at for good

food, etc. It always made us feel that we did our duty; left some more well-informed folks, that might now have a better opinion of us.

.                                                                                                          TTFN.....papasmurf

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