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Doug B.

Trailer/Bike Plug Rewire - Which One?

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Doug B.

I purchased a new-to-me Escapade trailer a little less than a month ago, and now I have a wiring job ahead of me.


This is the plug presently on my bike......




And, this is the plug that is on my new-to-me trailer......




And now the question; which one is more popular? To avoid having to rewire one of them in the future, I figured I'd ask being I can't find a general consensus in a routine search of the forum. I DO hope the present one on my bike will be the more popular plug in use as it's much easier to access the wires on the Escapade trailer to do the needed plug swap.


If there is NOT an isolation kit on the bike, I will definately add one once I get the wing out of mothballs this coming spring. I might also ask the best place to purchase one of these as well.


I can only imagine there will be countless suggestons.



Thanks ahead for the advise!



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That second pic looks like what is on my trike and probably what CSC puts on all their stuff. 

How popular it is, I have no clue.

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Dusty Boots

I've seen more 6 pin square connectors like in your 1st photo, over that rectangular one shown in your 2nd shot.







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I rewired my trailer with a flat 4 prong plus ground, it is what I had installed on my bike. with the 6 prong each one does it's own thing. with the 4 prong, 2 did double duty. smaller and les wires to mess with when connecting. the kit on my bike I got from cyclemax, it came with everything to run from battery to plug in at hitch. the one for the trailer you can get at just about any hardware store. I've even seen them at wally world in automotive. easy to run and hook up

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I would make a jumper between the two so there would be no new wiring on either side.

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