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Jim in Illinois

My summer riding plans

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Hayward's a cool area. If you're looking for a fun event in northern Wisconsin There's the fall ride in Tomahawk in September. It's a Harley event but I've ridden my Wing to it several times. Many other Honda's also. They shut the Main st. in town off and have bands, etc. at night. It's gotten chilly at night while camping, though.

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Well we are leaving June 5th to meet some more bikes to go to the bike races @ Elkhart Lake WI. Then get all the plans made for our 3 week trip out West Leaving July 5th. For states IA,NB,SB,MT,WY,CO,KS and home.

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We've got a ride leaving Powder Springs, Ga. just west of Atlanta, heading to Costa Mesa, Ca on 24 May by way of the Grand Canyon to attend the Region F GWRRA rally, or atleast that's our excuse. We're planning on hitting Vegas on the rebound and head toward Denver.

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[user=760]Jim in Illinois[/user] wrote:

The last is the grand daddy. We are going to Vegas for a few days! 1632 miles 1 way and we're going to try and make it there in 2 and a half or 3 days. I'm not much of a gambler so other than cruising the strip and seeing the sights there's not much for me there. Her family on the other hand movedout there a few years ago so this will give her the a chance to visit them. This will take us from Illinois, through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. I'm going to set out 10 days for this trip.


No dates have been set yet, but we are thinking June/July for Vegas and spotty weekends for the others.

Jim, Its going to be hot, hot and hotter out in the desert if you wait until July. I'm from there so I have good knowledge. If you can make the trip as early in June as possible unless you really like frying. :whistle:


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