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North American Goldwings

Custer's State Park, SD

North American Goldwings

Grand Tetons

North American Goldwings

Near Mount Rushmore

North American Goldwings

Yellowstone National Park

North American Goldwings

Along Route 12 Idaho
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      Here you can post your Goldwing trike related technical questions as well as technical discussions. Trike specific topics please.

    3. Trailer & Camper Trailer Questions, Discussions & Builds

      Here you can post your trailer & camper trailer technical questions, discussions and Builds/Refurbish/Modifications

    4. SideCar Rigs

      For those who have Sidecars, would like to learn about Sidecars or would like to swap maintenance tips, stories, trip memories of your sidecar.

    5. Links / Reference Materials

      If you have a good link to a supplier, reference materials or just an all round good business then post your links here.

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  3. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

    1. "Aspen© Lightweight Camper Owners"

      A Special Interest Group focused on the ownership of the Aspen© Lightweight Camper Trailer (Ambassador, Classic, Sentry & the new Base Camp) including utlization, maintenance and modifications. This is NOT an exclusive group. Please feel free to join in on the conversations! They're a unique and creative bunch of characters!

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    • Mountain Rider
      Leslie had a yard sale yesterday and some friends came over to help.  Their kids were really interested in Black Beauty, so I wound up giving rids around the block.  Big smiles all around.  We finally convinced their mom to go for a ride as well, she giggled the entire time.  Seems her Step Father had a Harley and would take her riding into town for ice cream all the time.  She was absolutely thrilled.  Then came hubby, who swore he was just to fat and was afraid he would tip us over.  Much pushing later, he climbed aboard and off we went. His was the biggest smile of the bunch.   Today was a very special day though.  Rode into work to deliver a rental RV to Greg Biffle and his family.  Yep, that Greg Biffle.  He and some other drivers (not to be named) are spending a few days playing in the sand.  Very down to earth guy, and a handshake was all I needed.  Didn't want to pester a guy just trying to spend some fun time with family and friends.  By the way, the Sirius XM radio works great!
    • RHalbur
      Just found out my room mate can not make the NASR. So if someome wants to share a room and expenses, let me know. Thanks, Rick
    • Mysticfour
      Me and my wige were out yesterday and was stifling hot, wound up pulling over in rest area and took the fave shields off,  so much better,  they will not go back on until it cools back down a little bit or rain or inclement weather is called for. Without the shields it was much more bearable and more enjoyable 
    • yooperfan
      MrsY and I rode to Marseilles to listen to the band that ended the festivities of the freedom run to the wall.  We didn't get home from a camping trip early enough to make the ride to the wall, but we still wanted to go.  I don't know what the rest of the day was like, but the crowd of about 2,000 bikes from previous years was down to less than 20 by the time we got there at 6:30 pm, and there were no vendors, so I couldn't buy an event shirt like I have in previous years. We headed to Boondocks Marina in Seneca for dinner.  It's weird that a marina is a popular biker bar.  The parking lot is often filled with bikes on a nice weekend and today was no different.  The ride ended after 40 miles with the sun setting in my mirrors.
    • AZgl1800
      she said she didn't want to stay home, so she has been following us around all over the country, to Kansas, Colorado, and other places..... she made me a nice thing to enjoy at our stops..... spent a week up in the Colorado mountains....           We are in Dodge City, KS tonight, heading back towards home.       We stayed last night in Lamar, CO after fighting some extremely strong winds.....   This morning, woke up to more of the same.... it took us 5 hours to make 153 miles into more of those vicious winds..... my Suburban is a bit underpowered for this task, it is a 4x4  K1500 with a 350 CI engine.... I retuned it for more torque and better tranny shifting, but still,  a diesel it ain't.... I sure do miss my '98 Dodge dually with the big Cummins engine with 4.11 axles, it was a 4x4 also.  it would climb 9% grades w/o slowing down pulling this rig.
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