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  1. Community Discussion Forums

    1. New Features, Instructions and Forum Tutorials

      Notifications for new features, instructions and forum tutorials will be posted here and your comments are encouraged.

    2. Self Introductions, Welcomes & Special Events

      New members are encouraged to create an introductory post in this forum and we will be sure to welcome you aboard! Along with introductions, birthdays, get-well, congrats, etc. may also be posted here.

    3. General Goldwing (and other Motorcycles) Discussion Forum

      This is our primary discussion board for motorcycle related conversations and information sharing.

    4. Non-Motorcycle Miscellaneous Topic Discussion Forum

      All of our regular, non-motorcycle related conversation can take place here.

    5. Scheduled and Impromptu Events/M&Gs

      This is the place to post and/or discuss any upcoming scheduled events and even organize impromptu Meet & Greets or rides.

    6. Trip Planning, Favorite Routes & Past Rides

      Discuss where you would like to go in the future that you haven't been to yet on your bike. Or discuss your planned future rides.

    7. Classified Adverts

      For Sale and Items Wanted posts go here in the same forum please!

    8. NAGF Photo Contest

      Post your Goldwing pictures here to be voted on each month.

      • dwsonar
    9. Rowan & Martin's Laugh In!

      A place for a little fun. Let's keep your posts rated for no higher than PG please. All material rated R or above by the Moderators will be removed without explanation.

      • yooperfan
  2. Technical Discussion Forums

    1. Motorcycle Technical Questions, Discussions & Builds

      Here you can post your Goldwing technical questions. Be specific in the subject line please.

    2. Trike Specific Technical Questions, Discussions & Builds

      Here you can post your Goldwing trike related technical questions as well as technical discussions. Trike specific topics please.

    3. Trailer & Camper Trailer Questions, Discussions & Builds

      Here you can post your trailer & camper trailer technical questions, discussions and Builds/Refurbish/Modifications

    4. SideCar Rigs

      For those who have Sidecars, would like to learn about Sidecars or would like to swap maintenance tips, stories, trip memories of your sidecar.

    5. Links / Reference Materials

      If you have a good link to a supplier, reference materials or just an all round good business then post your links here.

      • NC Aspenwing
  3. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

    1. "Aspen© Lightweight Camper Owners"

      A Special Interest Group focused on the ownership of the Aspen© Lightweight Camper Trailer (Ambassador, Classic, Sentry & the new Base Camp) including utlization, maintenance and modifications. This is NOT an exclusive group. Please feel free to join in on the conversations! They're a unique and creative bunch of characters!

  4. Community Service & Support

    1. Important Forum Rules - Please Read

      This is the place where you can read and comment on our initial attempt at establishing some basic ground rules for the community. None of this is written in stone and modifications will be made based on our observations and the discussions in this forum.

    2. Things We're Working On or Recently Completed!

      Here you will find some of the things that we may be working on to bring you a better community experience! This particular section is locked down so that we can keep a running record. If you have suggestions you can submit them using the "Beneficial Suggestions" link from the top line menu. Thank you for the continued support!

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    3. General Support Requests

      Please post your general support items here along with any issues you are experiencing with the utilization of our forum software.

    4. This is JUST a Test Forum

      You can do your testing here, please be aware that this forum will be purged on a regular basis.

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    • Mountain Rider
      Welcome from SE Idaho!!!  Ride safe and keep the shiny side up.  
    • Indianawantsme
      US Embassy in Manila said don't expect them to help us at all.  It was up to us to get out.    Told us to get in touch with Tourism office here.  We tried that 2 weeks ago but it was closed down because of lockdown.      Went to the City Office and the Transportation Director 2 weeks ago also and no help...  Accidentally found out the Tourism Office was temporarily moved to the Old City Office building.  How in the heck didn't they know that at the New City Office building or anyone we talked to?  The 'head" doesn't know what the "butt" is doing.     Anyhow,  Was on the Internet with Delta for over 6 hours last night and the best option was to get to Cebu which is the route we got here by.   Delta at first wouldn't do it for the same price with the eCredit we had in our Delta accounts from the missed return flight.  I told her to get a supervisor on this and they okayed it then with no extra charge.  I    We have a flight booked for April 26th in Cebu and the Philippine Coast Guard vessel will take us there according to the Tourism Office.. That will be cool.. Hope it happens and they let us take pictures.     Usually a 3hr fastcraft ride but they say this is faster.     Hope the virus is settled down in the next 3 weeks so we can have a journey home that is safe and it doesn't get cancelled.          
    • yooperfan
      I got all geared up and ready to ride the wing to work tonight, but before rolling it out of the garage, I turned on the key. CLICK.  The dash lit up for a split second then went blank.  Dead battery.  I have ridden the wing every month with the last time being 3 weeks ago but today wasn't meant to be.  When I get home, I'll put it on the trickle charger for a few hours while I sleep and then try to get out for a ride in the afternoon.  MrsY plans to go with me, so far.
    • OnaWingandaPrayer
      Hello  and Welcome to the forum family. Visit often and enjoy the rides.
    • scraper
      Found the.bracket it on the way the new rubber is coming and the world will be spinning again.
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