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Prayers Needed for Coffee Pot (Ken)

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Ken posted this message on Facebook this morniing and he gave me permission to share it with our forum Family.


As I get up to start the day, it is a day like no other. Today I begin a journey for my life. Today is the day I (and Elaine) will move to Jacksonville, FL. to be near the Mayo Clinic where I will undergo treatments for my cancer.
This move has me sort of meloncoly as well as excited. Although the process has been explained as well as the doctors and staff can explain it, there is still much to learn in my specific case. We don't know how my body will react to the treatments. But that is not anything that I can control.


I will rely on my anchor, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to keep me focused, strong, and to trust in him to carry me thru it. As I have said before to others, no matter the outcome, I win either way.

I want to relay how my day yesterday was. I got up and our daughter Nancy fixed a great breakfast for us. Although that is not something new, it just seemed so special. Very blessed to have some great children and grandchildren in our lives.


Well after breakfast we got ready for church. I almost couldn't stay as I became very emotional with all of the well-wishes, hugs, and words of encouragement and love.The majority of them did not know that today would be the day the journey starts for the cure. This was normal behavior at church since I had been diagnosed. As the service went on it became even more emotional for me. As we were having the inviation at the end of the service, I simply bowed my head where I was sitting and prayed while the congregation was singing. I felt a hand on each shoulder and a faint voice praying for me. Well I lost it then. Tears began to flow (just like they are now writing about the experience). Thank you Kay and James for the special blessing you gave me yesterday.


I know that you didn't do this for recognition, but did it out of love. Also, thank you to Ann for coming over and giving your support and love to Elaine and I also. The entire Hopewell Baptist Church has been a blessing throughout this entire journey so far. I cannot express in words the gratitude that I feel toward my church family.


Then later that afternoon, a very special young couple that we have in our lives came over and we fellow-shipped with Ashley, Aaron and what we consider to be another granddaughter Addison. WOW, another emotional time. I had a hard time when they left, knowing it will probably be months before we see one another again.


Not to leave anybody out because everybody is near and dear to my heart, but our Grand-daughter Olivia and Grandson Eli also spent a lot of time with us this weekend and were a great support and blessing to us.


Throughout this journey so far, I have really learned that I cannot do it alone, but need the support of everybody. That has been the hardest thing to do asking for help because physically I cannot do the thing that I used to do. Throughout this I have relied on my son Jason and grandson Eli to do the 'heavy lifting'. What a blessing they have been to me.


Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. That means more to me than anything else.


God is good all the time and he answers all prayers.



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Ken, hang in there, fight the fight and do not let the b a s tard cancer win.

Edited by Monkeytrucker

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NC Aspenwing

Prayers for Ken and Elaine.

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Elaine and Ken , May the Lord touch you with healing , strengthen your spirits , embolden your resolve to overcome this demon. 

Our prayers continue not only for you but your families and support . 

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Mountain Rider

Elaine and Ken, you're in our thoughts and prayers.  We've lived this in  Leslie's family, and it is a tough fight.  Keep your head up and your focus on the end game.  You can beat this. 

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Praying for you both Ken and Elaine!  Through Him, all things are possible...

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