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Daytona Bike week. March 9 - 18

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Anyone planning on going to Daytona?  Had about forgot it would be coming up but this is Speed Week at Daytona so bike week is not far behind.  


We are not planning on going but probably will see a lot of trailer bikes getting hauled that direction.  Do not know if this old heart could stand watching some of those biker babes and their skimpy or missing riding gear.

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NC Aspenwing

Already seen a few trailer queens heading south through here, I guess

they are wanting to get there early!

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Even though I live only 25 miles or so away from it, I don't EVEN wanna get into that mess over there!!!! :blink:

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Hopefully, I can make it again this year. See what a bad time I had from my profile picture? Oh, the things I have to endure. BTW anyone going to the Florida district rally near Orlando, March 22 - 24 2018?

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