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"Wing Nugget" #5 - Positioning Images In Posts

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There is a quick way of positioning images into your posts that I would be willing to bet most of you haven't noticed. When you start creating a new topic or post and you have uploaded an image (or several) into the attachment area your post looks a lot like pic # 1....but let's say you want pictures to be placed into your post at specific locations. This can be easily accomplished by getting your cursor exactly where you want the picture to be and then clicking on the PLUS Sign in the image (see pic #2). THEN, if you want to change any settings within the picture just double click on the picture in the post and a box will appear letting you change some basic settings (see pic #3). By doing this you can actually make all of your pics within your post be a similar size regardless of the actual image sizes of the attachments (like in the post where I made them all the same width).

Pic #4 shows the finished post ready to submit...


Pic #1

Pic #1


Pic #2

Pic #2


Pic #3

Pic #3


Pic #4

Pic #4

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