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Nothing so sad as looking at

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Nothing so sad as looking at the Aspen sitting in the dog house all alone.  It should be trailing the 1800 down the highway going some where.  It is also sad to see the 1800 sitting in the hangar and not pulling the Aspen.


It is a vicious circle!!! :ANGRY:

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Well Gary I can relate except I have two bikes just sitting there waiting for warmer, drier weather...

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NC Aspenwing

Same here Gary, Except mine Is a 1500 pulling a Escapade trailer.

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Got the Aspen out of the dog house this morning.  Hooked onto it with the ZTR mower while the yard is solid and pulled it out and around the yard in a circle, then put it back into the dog house.  Just was to rotate the tires to keep flat spots from happening.  Did the same thing for Frankentruck  just to charge his battery a bit and get oil to all of the gears.  Took him up the road and back.  "The Bride is demanding" I get out of the house and do some small welding projects.  Her suggestion is to build some more board track racers for sale.  Guess I need to do that.  

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I have a 2016 Lees-ure Lite camper that I really enjoy.  It also is sitting in the garage with my 2 bikes awaiting some warmer/dryer weather .  I miss riding.

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