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! Important to all Windows users

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post_warning.pngImportant to all Windows users

there is a new version of "WannaCry" virus that was just released 2 days ago.

it was first detected by Malware, INC of MalwareBytes.

they emailed me yesterday about this, and I just received this from a different source that more thoroughly describes what is going on, and how to take steps to prevent the infection on your machine.

it is still unknown how many ways this thing can propagate, but email was the first method detected. but, it is spreading around the world way too fast for email to be the only method of propagation.

please take time to read this:


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trike lady

I've backed up all my bookmarks and important stuff. I've got oodles of Goldwing specific bookmarks that I'd hate to loose.

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A comment noteworthy for those willing to do a tiny bit of effort, actually, it is not all that hard.


In Firefox, you can make a full set of Backup Bookmarks in two different ways.  


1)  as a backup which results in a file  of "bookmark.json" or some thing like that, it is a json file type though.


2)  you can Export all of your  bookmarks to an HTML file, and this is the method that I use  exclusively because of the fact it results in a file that can be accessed by ANY browser in the Internet world.... AND, it can be Imported into any browser regardless of who made it.


Option #2, is the way that I create the Bookmarks Index of all the forums that I watch.... anyone who has spent any time at all on GoldwingFacts.com should be aware of the two threads where I have a Tutorial and the actual Bookmarks database... Both are explained in great detail as to how to use them.


It would behoove anyone reading this, to make a full backup of their Bookmarks on a regular basis.... for me, that is about once a month, actually, it is daily as of the time that I add an additional bookmark at any time... why?  Because Firefox has a "Sync" feature that allows the user to Create an Account on Mozilla where your bookmarks will be stored securely under a password only you will have.


Every time that I add a bookmark, Firefox will sync that to the web in less than a minute, and immediately if you exit the browser.

This gives me the benefit of having an Identical Bookmarks index on every laptop, Desktop, or cellphone ( which I don't do )....  ( I don't do this on a cellphone because it would literally crash the cellphone, the database is a monster )


I have 3 laptops and a Desktop, and I only use Firefox as a browser ( for  personal use )... every one of the PC devices respond exactly the same way if I want to go to a bookmark.


Firefox Library:

Mozilla has incorporated a feature they call "Library" and when you want to find a bookmark, the fastest way on earth to get there, even faster than Google, is to do ALT-B and then hit ENTER.   That will open Library.

In Library, there is a Search Bar and if you enter a word there, it will immediately bring up a list of bookmarks that have that word in it.

If you use two words, it is more selective, both of the words must appear in the bookmark.



That Bookmark Index that is stored on GoldwingFacts, includes all of the bookmarks that I have made for North American Goldwings, so everyone benefits.

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