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Mountain Rider

A day of first

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Mountain Rider

After installing the new speakers in the front and rear, and cleaning the windshield and its mount, I loaded my wife on for a short ride.  Today was the first time in 28 years she's been on a bike with me, the first time she's been on this bike, and the first time we've taken a ride on this bike together.  This wasn't a long ride, only about 85 miles round trip, but it was enjoyable and a learning experience for us both.  We left our home in Rigby and rode to Ashton, about 42 miles, and stopped for a soda and some reflection on our ride.  Then we left for home, stopping at the Jefferson, County Veterans Memorial for a quick picture.


Our second intercom set-up will be here tomorrow, as will the new upholstery for the seat, so our ride next weekend will be on a shiny new seat and we'll be able to talk a little on the road.  We've been debating whether to ride up to West Yellowstone or to Alpine, Wyoming.  The Park has its attractions of course, but the ride to Alpine winds through the trees along Palisades Reservoir with the mandatory stop in Swan Valley for a square ice cream cone.


Here's the wife on board, being bored with my photography. ;)





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Good for both of ya's. 

My better half absolutely LOVES riding through Idaho,, as I do also. But she constantly reminds me how much she loved it. Took her up through the Saw Tooth's and along the Salmon River. Great memories!!! 

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My Bride liked riding thru Idaho.  We camped in the Craters of the Moon and when we got to Boise it was 104 degrees and before we got there we went into Yellowstone from Cody at 34 degrees.


If I was planing you a ride to Yellowstone I would route you down to Jackson, WY.  The Grand Tetons are #1 on the list of great things we saw out west.


Glad your Bride likes to ride.  The 2 of you will probably talk to each other on the headsets than you have in a month....

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Mountain Rider

Thanks guys, yes Idaho has some beautiful rides.  The seat cover and headset arrived as planned, but the base cord I had doesn't mate with the new headset.  I got the correct one ordered, but now we have to wait on that.  :(   The new seat cover on the other hand, was perfect.  With the help of a friend, I got it mounted, making my bike look so much nicer.








We're doing some things around the house today, but should be up early tomorrow for a local breakfast, lunch away, and square ice cream as a treat on the way home.  :)  Hoping to get some pictures of the ride as well.  Ride safe and keep the shiny side up. 

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Mountain Rider

No square ice cream today, we opted for a ride to West Yellowstone instead.  Headed out of Rigby about 10:30 this morning heading North.  We made a quick stop in Ashton for a tea, then headed up the hill to Pond's Lodge.  Had a wonderful lunch, then on to West.  We walked around town for a bit, then decided to head back home as some ugly weather started to roll in and we wanted to beat it to the house.  Mother Nature had the last word when we got off at our exit.  A huge wind gust came out of nowhere and dumped us on the road.  Fortunately, we had just stopped at the Stop sign and were setting still.  Within a couple minutes it was dead calm again.  I was fine, the bike was fine, but my wife caught her leg on the mounting bracket for the driver back cushion, giving her a pretty good scrape.  I think the Fourth will be spent nursing her back to health so we can try again next weekend. :)










Aside from the last part, it was a beautiful day and a wonderful ride together.

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most likely if that gust had hit you while you were riding 40 plus mph, it would not bothered you very much.

the bike would have healed over a little bit, you would have compensated, and rode on.


The Faster you go forward, the less effect any side wind will have on the bike. ( Law of Physics, Relative Vectors )


When I am riding in strong wind gust situations, I ride at the fastest possible speed the law will allow and then some. Usually this is 70-80 mph. this greatly reduces the effect of a side wind gust.




I have been hit by 40+ mph side winds and then passed a truck which will block them briefly and then it hits you again.

the bike just leans over and self compensates to keep traveling in a straight line.


I have found that keeping a loose arm, with a tight grip on the handlebars works best.

Allow the bike to lean over to continue tracking in a straight line, it will try to do that.

the only reason it won't is if you try and prevent the handlebars from moving.

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Mountain Rider

AZgl1800, We were pretty much experiencing that very thing when the wife said she had enough.  So we turned around and headed back to our exit.  We could see the wind picking up as we approached the Stop sign.  We had barely stopped when the freak gust hit us, there just wasn't enough of me to keep her upright.  As you said, on the road and moving, it was a little interesting.  Sitting still and getting hammered broadside, a lot more than a little interesting.  :confused-face-smiley-emoticon:


Either way, we're not going to let this deter us as there's way to many cruising days left to enjoy.

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Mountain Rider

And the first continue.  :Face-Smile-Big:


I walked my daughter down the isle Friday.  She was absolutely beautiful and the groom has proven to be a wonderful and caring man.  I love them a ton.  My two brothers and sister in law rode their bikes over to attend, from Washington, on Thursday.  My youngest brothers Victory started having problems due to the heat around Boise, but he worked through it and arrived late that night.  They decided to head home Saturday and ride together to insure he wasn't stranded alone.  The wife and I seized the opportunity, got up early, and accompanied them on our Aspy for while, turning out in Lima, Montana.  So a first ride with my brothers, not long, but we really enjoyed it.  Looking forward to many more. 

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Mountain Rider

I thought pictures would nice.  Yep.... it really happened.     ;)



The reason for this whole thing.




Last minute prep



Loaded and ready to go.




Variety is the spice of life, not what you ride, but that you ride.  Aspencade, Harley, and a Victory.


And away we go.



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