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Came across 2 movies on Amazon that I watched in the 70's that I thought were pretty good and thought I'd tell ya'll about them! Both are digital High Def remasters of the original movie which is kind'a surprising as they were not that highly reviewed when they first came out but have kind'a became "Cult Classics" as it were.....


The first is "Gone in 60 Seconds".. This is the ORIGINAL 1974 version that does not have Nicholas Cage in it!! ;)  The plot and dialog is kind'a dull until the guy try's to jack "Eleanor" for the THIRD time!!!! Then it's game on!!!! How good are the chase scene's?? Quote from Wikipedia: "The film is known for having wrecked and destroyed 93 cars in a 40-minute car chase scene."


'Nuff Said....


The second is another 70's film simply called "The Car" starring James Brolin and has a few others in the film you'll recognize once you see them! This movie was "Christine" long before Stephen King wrote the novel!!! Again, kind'a rated a "B" Movie but worth watching nonetheless!!!!!


Have Fun!!!! :thumbs-up:


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They supposedly wrecked 93 cars but somehow there are 193 Eleanor cars out there in the show car circuit and everyone of them claim to be the original...


Go figure.   :confused-face-smiley-emoticon:

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The original Eleanor was a 1971 Mustang with a '73 front end and to the best of my knowledge there were only 2 made for the movie: 1 for glamour shot's/close ups and the other for the stunt work and from everything I've read the stunt car survived and would actually still run at the end of the movie. Don't know what happened to the undamaged one but I believe H.B. Halicki's widow still owns the one used for stunt's in the movie.....

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