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Looking for a RIGGER

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does anyone know where I can get in-touch with a rigger. I'm looking for a sidecar for my 1994 Goldwing SE 1500 and I have some questions. I'm really new at this and as they say, "I don't have a clue".  Thank you all soooooo much.




God Bless the USMC




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check on the sidecar.com forums

you can find help from many good people as well as get in touch with some dealers/shops that build and install sidecars

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Here is an option for some good information: http://www.dmcsidecars.com/

They are out of Washington State but are a wealth of knowledge. Check out the 'NEWS' link and scroll down for a couple of good ideas on choosing a sidecar. I have called them and they are really helpful.

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