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#121676 Letter from AZgl1800 concerning NASSIR

Posted by Flyone on 15 July 2016 - 04:20 PM

Summer Rally for all Goldwing Aficionados
By: John Craig, AZgl1800

For the last nine years the name NASSIR (North American Steve Saunders International Rally) has been synonymous with great times and good memories shared with friends both old and new. The use of this particular name has solidly tied our summer rallies to goldwingfacts.com (Steve’s forum). In 2012 Steve sold the forum to Vertical Scope which created a legal bond between them and the use of the names Steve Saunders and NASSIR became proprietary. As hard as we all have tried, things were never quite the same for our forum community after the sale and being owned by a corporate giant has made forum life difficult at best, especially as it pertains to our annual M&G. In an attempt to renew interest in our family oriented summer meet and greets it has been decided that a name change is in order so that we can legally disassociate ourselves with the Steve Saunders and NASSIR names as well as the very commercialized Vertical Scope organization.

Therefore, NASSIR 9 will be the last Summer Rally with the NASSIR name. Going forward we will retain the numbering sequence however it will become, simply, the “Summer Rally”. Our next annual meet and greet will be held on July 11, 12 & 13, 2017 and will be called “Summer Rally 10 Seneca Rocks WV or SR-10 for short. Additional detailed information can be found at the link provided below.

In addition, the NAGF Community ownership has graciously offered to become the primary sponsor of our annual Summer Rally and will provide us with a friendly and non-commercialized home for our event coordination free of charge. This will include event information hosting, discussion threads and even a dedicated online storefront for making event signups and purchases easier to manage and track. Thus, going forward, information concerning all of the details for our Summer Rallies will be found on the North American Goldwings Forum at http://www.northamer...eneca-rocks-wv/. There you will find many of the familiar names/faces you are already acquainted with. Please feel free to link back to that information from whatever forum you choose to call home or, if you are so inclined, create an account there and pull up a chair!

Looking forward to seeing you next July!!!


Message from Flyone:

The feedback I have received from members is that there is some confusion and questions concerning John's announcement at the N9 auction in Sioux Falls, SD about the steering committee and it's role, our event's history being removed, the name, etc. etc.

You will see a FAQ later once I hear from more members of commonly asked questions which I will keep updated.

A few concerns that I want to make known from the phone calls I received today that needs to be said immediately:

1. Event Steering Committee - The roles and responsibilities of this group is to search for possible hosts and locations for future events which is to help to keep this event going in the future which I believe is the goal of all members! If we don't have a host or location, we don't have the event.
This group's sole vision is to not let this happen and we are dedicated to take the workload to continue to search for a host/location so this is not a burden to the membership for future events. We will assist the new hosts with what they need to have a successful event and what members want at these events. Facilities etc is very important Information! No Summer Rally (or whatever the members decide to call it) will never be exactly the same due to locations and/or hosts. That's the beauty of these events and nobody wants the same exact thing every year. The mission of this group is members doing things for the members! This group IS NOT a dictatorship!
I also heard that the impression was that "the committee will make ALL decisions for the events and that members won't have input" This is the farthest from the truth.

2. History of NASSIR - All of us that has put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this event feel the same way and no one can ever take this away! This was never designed to eliminate the history. The design was to keep this event alive and well for the future.

3. Name change - John's letter explains the legal aspect of this. Members have imput on what to call it. Make your suggestions!

4. Is this event going to turn into a "Wing Ding"? - For all of us who was at the first event or any of the preceeding events know that it was designed for members to get together to meet people, old friends and new friends alike. It was never designed to have vendors or be a commercial event. This is part of the reason why it is hosted and sponsored on NAGF so this doesn't happen and you don't have to pay any admission fee to attend. This is a meet and greet where good people can get together and have fun!

Please remember that this planning and next year's event was put together at the request of John Craig and Goldwingfacts.com in about two weeks. Not to be negative about any recent events, there were some interesting dynamics at this year's event and being the NASSIR Coordinator for the first 8 years, the goal and mission has been and always be to keep these events going and meet the expectations of the members that has attended before. This is what we are doing as a committee.

Not everyone will agree with everything, that's human nature but I want you to know that I and this committee has the exact same vision that you do which is to keep this event going, preserve its history and provide members a place to see old friends and meet new ones like all of us have done for the past 9 years.

Please remember that if you have any concerns, comments, or questions PM me. I will be glad to discuss anything that is on your mind.
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#129135 Thanks for NASR 10

Posted by Snorebabe on 24 July 2017 - 11:14 AM

Doug and I would like to thank John, Becca and Timmy for hosting a wonderful event.  Also, many thanks to everyone for the warm welcome our moms received. They had met several in Edgefield, SC but were missing a few (Beenshot and Needingshot), and they really needed to meet y'all.  LOL   A very special thanks to Flyone, Creekwalker and Gator for all the pleasantries at the cabin.  

We always have a great time when surrounded by our GoldWing Family.

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#123460 ... and now for something completely different

Posted by Geordiemuppet on 14 August 2016 - 02:54 PM

We went out on a ride into Northumberland today with three other Legion Riders.

Slightly different though, we first went and collected a wheelchair bound Royal Green Jackets veteran who was invalided out of the army after a training accident.

I took the trailer to carry his wheelchair and Chris took Paul on the trike. We had to stop every 20 miles or so so that Paul could stand and stretch his back and couldn't go too fast over the rough country roads.

We only did a sedate 100 miles or so with several stops, including lunch, but for Paul, it was not the kind of Sunday he is used to. He reckons he will pay for it tomorrow, but said he really enjoyed the change and commented (as a cage driver) just how much more of the countryside you see from a motorcycle.

The ride was slow by our standards, but very worthwhile.

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#116263 2016 - NAGF 2nd Spring Blue Ridge M&G

Posted by jobe05 on 09 October 2015 - 08:47 AM

NAGF Spring Blue Ridge M&G!

Why Blue Ridge M&G?  This annual M&G Can be held along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Front Royal Va to the Smoky Mountains going into Tennessee!!  The hopes for the event will be that it will be hosted by a different member each year, at or near where the potential host/hostess lives anywhere along or near the 500+ miles of some of the best riding roads in the country.  Any event held near this stretch of road must be a great event based on what the whole area has to offer riders and campers alike!!  Even if you just enjoy the view on the way into the event or on your way home from the event.  The Blue Ridge is centrally located for those in the north and the south, and even for our family in the mid-west.  The Blue Ridge Mountains cover such a large area that it should be easy to find volunteers to host a NAGN Spring Blue Ridge M&G every year, for years to come!


Why the spring time??  Many reasons…….  The summer months are busy with other events, vacations or this is other people’s busy time and can’t get away.  For me, the best reason is there is nothing so breathtaking as the flowering trees and shrubs along the Blue Ridge Mountain Range.  If you like fall rides with the colored leaves, then you’ll love the Flowering Dogwoods and wild rhododendrons in bloom, which are just a couple of the many wonderful sights you will see in this beautiful area in the spring. Temperatures are generally in the mid to high 70's during the day and high 50's to 60's at night at the first of June, so whether you are riding, sitting near the community fire pit or snuggled in your sleeping bag in your tent, the weather should be perfect for all our needs.


So What are the when’s and where’s of this M&G?

I have selected the weekend of June 3rd, 4th and 5th of 2016 for this Second annual Spring Blue Ridge M&G.  Taking largely what Dusty boots had to say about the amount of campgrounds open in the north for those traveling from far away, having a place to stay and rest during their trip.  I love to see as many people as possible to show up for any event anywhere, but all is for not if we don’t do this with the safety and comfort of our membership that attend first and foremost always!!!  So anything earlier in May just wasn’t possible as it would restrict our Brothers and Sisters to the north.  Any later in the year and we start getting into other events that we all might partake in around the country.   I realize that this years dates does coincide with another event, apologies for that, but do to personal schedule, this is the date that I am most available.  I understand that this leaves people making tough decisions, but don’t be hard on yourself (or me), you make the best decision for you!  I and other attendees will understand.


Where is the event being held?

Willville Campgrounds, Route 58 (1510 Jeb Stuart Highway ) - Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120  (Exit Route 58 West off the Blue Ridge Parkway (Mile Marker 177.7) 
3/4 of a mile on the left) Map




Cost for camping is $10 per person per night during the event.  Electric is sporadic throughout the grounds (Bring extension cords).  No reservations are needed, just sign up so we can have an accurate head count for the camp host as I communicate the group needs.  Please keep in mind, nightly rates for days other than the scheduled event days, are at the parks normal rates, and cash or check is the only form of payment that Will accepts.

We will have free use of the campgrounds pavilion for the weekend, which has water and electric, a gas grill and plenty of shaded dry picnic tables, chairs and lounges.  This camp ground is a motorcycle only campgrounds.  If you have an RV, posted information regarding RV sites is below.


Food:  Friday night - BBQ – WHOLE HOG!!!!  baked beans, Smoked Mac & Cheese, and Potato salad. 

I wanted to do the main meal on Friday night based on the amount of food that we didn’t eat last year.  This year, we will have a 120 to 130 lb whole pig (No head for the less timid) and we can eat off that all weekend if there is enough.  If not…………….


Saturday night there will be Hamburgers, Homemade Bratwurst, Chips and, ice cold beer or soda


Breakfast: Pancakes and bacon served every morning along with hot coffee.


Cost of food: Donation! 


Last year all the donations that were given for the event was donated to the NAGforum.  This year will be the same as this is a NAGF Sponsored event.


Lodging  - There are a small Cottage and a “Bunkhouse” that can be rented on site at Willville campgrounds.  In the local area there are other cabin rentals, motels, RV camping, gas, stores and restaurants for all your various needs. 


Motel Info: Blue Ridge Motel, 2295 Jeb Stuart Hwy Meadows of Dan, VA 24120      (276) 952-2244

Price for 1 person room $46 +$4 tax = $50 Total    2 people w 2 beds in a room is $54 + $6 tax = $60 total per night. 


RV camping info: Meadows of Dan CampGrounds 2182 Jeb Stuart Hwy, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

Sites are $30 per night for a 30amp back in site, or $32 a night for a 50amp pull through site.

(276)-952-2292  www.meadowsofdancampground.com/    You will have to call to make reservation and get prices and availablity depending on your personal needs.


Both Hotel and RV camping facilities are within a ½ mile of Willville Motorcycle camp grounds.


Attendees as of 5/31/2016


Jobe05  -   John & Rebecca   (2)   Camping

              -   Tim Johnson         (1)   Camping

              - My Sister Sue          (1) Cabin

Hobo  -   Bum                          (1)   Ya never know

Dust Boots  -  Ken                   (1)  Camping

Mowerdoc -  Jim & Pat            (2)   Camping

Zipp        -  Mike                        (1)  Camping

Rampaul1955   -    Paul            (1)  Camping

AZGL1800  -         John             (1)  Motel

Dave0320    -          Dave           (1) Motel

NC Aspenwing - Larry&DeeDee (2) Motel

Russel Lawrence                       (1)  Camping

Larryinseatle - Larry & Steve  -   (2)  Camping

JBHawly    -   John      -               (1)  ??

Halfling   -   John & Nancy             (2)  Camping

Browner_77  Allen - +1                  (2) Camping

JGL351   -  Jim   -                          (1) camping




Layne and Greg





Ratster          -   Rhett

Brianinpa    -    Brian                  (1)

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#124722 4th Annual (NAGF) ILLINOIS Meet & Greet Sept. 16th,17th and 18th, 2016

Posted by JGL351 on 20 September 2016 - 05:20 PM

I got home Monday evening about 9:30.  I stopped in Lafayette, Sunday,  to visit with my daughter-in-law's brother and his wife... we did a walking tour of the Perdu campus and went to dinner downtown.  I also stopped in Kitchener ON Sunday about 5:00 at my Son's house as I did not want to drive across Toronto in rush hour traffic.


Deb was overwhelmed by your outpouring of get well wishes.. you guys (and gals) are the best.. We will do our best to see you at Willsville, Seneca Rocks and Clinton Lake next year.


We has a pretreatment consult today and Debs white cell count is a bit down so they are postponing treatment for one week. They want to make sure the white cell count rebounds before starting another treatment cycle.

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#121395 Had some friends drop in for the afternoon/night.

Posted by Dusty Boots on 10 July 2016 - 05:06 AM

Dave (Winger77) and his gal, Ronnie dropped by yesterday and spent the night.

They are on day 2 of their 3 week tour up to Montana's Glacier National Park and then on up to Banff and Jasper NPs in Alberta.

Was great to see them, catch up on events and reminisce over 'old times'

Today they are headed to MI, then up to cross over the Mighty Mak and on into MI's UP.


Safe travels my friends!   :thumbs-up:



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#130253 Time to think about the 5th Annual NAGF (Illinois) M&G Sept 15 - 17, 2017

Posted by RHalbur on A week ago

Made it home safe and sound around 7PM after stopping by the hospital to see and hold my new grand daughter. She is a cutie.


Buck and everyone. Thanks for great time and food again this year. Now have to wait for next years get together.

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#128989 NASR 10 Home Safe Thread

Posted by D-Rod on 17 July 2017 - 06:54 PM

Button Lady and D-Rod left the motel Sunday morning to visit a friend in Maryland. We left his house this morning and safely arrived home about 8:00 pm Monday night. Poor Patty is doing all the unloading herself. Near the end I started getting pretty bad with my knees even starting to give out. So on our many bathroom stops Patty had to help hold me up on one side and the cane held me on the other. It was a fantastic NASR! Thank you John and Becca. Everyone was so kind and respectful to me and included me in the events it really meant the world to me! Thank you!!!
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#128585 North American Summer Rally - NASR 10 Seneca Rocks WV

Posted by Flyone on 27 June 2017 - 12:50 PM

Well now.......we are getting close!!!!

A few reminders and information for everyone attending.

Don't forget to bring your auction items! You can bring anything that represents the state (or country eh?) you are coming from or anything you want to bring that represents YOU!!!!

One more thing, we are learning that cell service at Yokum's is sketchy at best. We know that the hotel does have wi-fi but nothing at the campground. Jobe05 has been up there and says you can receive cell coverage 3-5 miles away so while you are riding , you may have cell coverage or you may not depending on which carrier you have. I haven't been there yet so I do not know which carriers will work or not. The cool thing about this that this isn't a bad thing as people will actually have to talk to one another! Remember? "We're taking you back" is the motto of this event here in beautiful WV! Just make sure if family or loved ones (sometimes they are not the same!) has the telephone number to Yokum's if you are needed to be reached in an emergency.

I cannot wait to see old friends and meet new ones! Let the party begin! That is all!
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Posted by Dusty Boots on 13 September 2016 - 04:46 PM

Made it to shop before they closed after someone gave me a ride. Owner gave me a battery charger and customer gave me a lift back to bike, but shop was closed by the time I got there with bike and camper. Owner told me I could set up camper in lot across the street. Got the alternator out in 35 minutes and waiting for shop to open in the morning. Have to go set up camper now. Will let you know results tomorrow when I find out
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#123929 45 Years Ago Today

Posted by Halfling on 29 August 2016 - 07:35 AM

On August 29, 1971 (45 years ago) two very young people, madly in love, got married. The wedding was very small and modest and it was held in my parents backyard in central Maine. At that time in our lives we didn't really have two nickels to rub together. We were both working in retail stores and we were living with my parents. Our normal mode of transportation was two matching 3 speed bikes which we rode everywhere! Our honeymoon was spent in Bar Harbor Maine and to get there from the wedding we had to have my best man Jim drive us (about 45 miles). We had a small suitcase in hand as we walked into our motel. After the first night in the motel we moved down the street a ways to a much cheaper accommodation. Site seeing was a lot of our 3 days spent in Bar Harbor but we did spend money on tickets for a sightseeing boat ride around the coastline and islands which was awesome although cold as I recall. On the last day of our honeymoon I called my Dad and told him that the honeymoon was over and asked if he could come down and pick us up! Thus began what has turned out to be a marvelous ride, like anyone might expect we have had our highs and lows but we have always managed to kiss and make up!!! We have 3 children and two grand daughters that we are VERY proud of and we are content. Happy Anniversary sweet heart!!!


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#123671 Guess who is joining the 3 wheel community?

Posted by Halfling on 20 August 2016 - 10:01 AM

Mike (pwhoever) stopped by the house this morning and we spent a couple of hours over breakfast chatting. He just left on his way up I-24 through Nashville towards home. He's trying to duck the rain storms along his route!

His CSC trike looks great and he has a big smile stuck on his face! Thanks for stopping in Mike! See you next month at Clinton Lake!


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#122677 Goldwing Art

Posted by Cousin Jack on 30 July 2016 - 08:09 PM

Look at this....

Look at this..... Sandy and I wanted a pen and ink drawing of one of our favorite bike photos, and this is what we got...... the artist is a fifteen year old friend of ours, who is trying to pay for her exchange student year in Sweden.... she does super work, and doesn't charge an arm or a leg for it. She doesn't trace it, or copy it... she sits down and draws it out. It's going on our living room wall! If you have a super photo of you and your bike or something else special that you want done, let me know and I'll pm you her email address. She's a super kid, with a super talent, and she deserves the work...... think about it.....



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#118051 Halfling Update

Posted by Halfling on 12 January 2016 - 05:04 PM

Well, it's been an eventful and life changing several months for us here at the Halfling home. I'm sorry I've been out of touch lately but here's a blow by blow so that everyone is aware.


My day job went away on August 13 and we have been scrambling ever since trying to make plans for the future as well as make ends meet.


I started driving for Uber and Lyft in July and have been doing it pretty much fulltime since I left my day job. Living on about 1/3 the pay has been a challenge to say the least. The good news is that LeAnne graduated in December so it's just Nancy and I now and we don't have a lot of debt. Navy retirement helps a bit as well. So, that kinda means I'm retired but it also means that I have to keep working at something until I hit retirement age in a couple of years.


So, that being said I have been really busy (and a bit down) and haven't felt much like "talking" on the forum of late. I hope everyone understands and bears with me as I get back into the swing of things around here!


P.S. Computer died several weeks ago and I just now have gotten it back to a state of acceptable operation. I'm even liking Windows 10, go figure!!

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Posted by pwhoever on 02 May 2017 - 05:29 PM

I'm still waiting for my first ride of the year. Long story but just glad that I'm around to be able to do it...
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#123754 52 years ago 8:00 p.m. August 23, 2016

Posted by Monkeytrucker on 23 August 2016 - 12:22 PM

Fifty two years ago 8:00 p.m. August 23, 2016 Estella made the biggest wrong decision of her life.  She said "I DO".  However that was my lucky day when she said that.


It has been a wild ride with many hills and valleys.  Along the way we had 2 kids, a boy and a girl, who make us proud.  We were prepared to go into our old age years slightly comfortable until the "Great Depression of 2008"  like many were robbed of our retirement funds due to Wall Street and Capitol Hill's money grabbing billionaires.  


Then when we thought we were back on level and Estella retired we were enjoying life by having some good times on the Gold Wing pulling the camper.  Then last November she fell and after a failed surgery our reserve funds were again gone.  


Sounds like sour grapes but we look at it as another challenge that we will overcome.  The old girl is adamant that we are going to keep the wing until all else fails as it is the one time we can forget things and enjoy life.


Tonight at 8:00 I am going to look at her, hold her hand and say "I DO!"  

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#122339 Visited the Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk

Posted by Goldwings 4 Ever on 23 July 2016 - 11:16 AM

On our way home from NASSIR 9.5 in Riverside Iowa.



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#122123 The Rally That Wasn't.......

Posted by Cousin Jack on 19 July 2016 - 07:11 PM

Well, Red and I are working our way back home from the Rally that wasn't in Sioux Falls, SD.  There was apparently some turbulence before we arrived, and the leadership changed.  Seems like all kinds of changes have been happening on and about the old forum -- I can't even get on it anymore-- and I haven't been posting on this one.  Guess I'll start...

So we had fun at the Rally That Wasn't anyway, thanks to old Canadian friends WPGfire and Kyle, Lopeha, Azgl1800. Snorebaby, and others, and we got a chance to tour The Black Hills again, always a good thing. This summer we visited Raton, NM (Where I competed in the NRA Silhouette Rifle Championships), then Sioux Falls for The Rally That Wasn't, and now we're in Deadwood, SD....  still to come is Devil's Tower, Cody, Wyoming, Beartooth Pass....then home.  I hope the spirit of the old Nassirs somehow keeps going.  We had a lot of fun at them; Motorcycle Pete, Mohawk, John Boy's memories deserve nothing else....

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#115862 Lets see those Wings

Posted by Dusty Boots on 22 September 2015 - 10:35 AM

Mine is a 92 Aspencade that I picked up at the very end of the season in 07 and it only had 20,000 on it!


Here's a few of the seller's shots  ....













It didn't take me long to 'make it mine' and put a few miles on it.  ....






















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#103470 She Belongs To Me Now!

Posted by Halfling on 19 November 2014 - 02:44 PM

Exciting day! The Big Red One now officially belongs to me! Paid the bank off a few minutes ago and I am so happy!





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